Director of the Writing and Tutoring Center

Roger Powell, PhD

Director of the Writing and Tutoring Center


BA, Graceland University
MA, University of North Dakota
PhD, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Phone Number

Office: 641.784.5206


Frederick M. Smith Library

Room Location

Frederick M. Smith Library 119

Director of the Writing and Tutoring Center

Roger Powell teaches writing, speaking, and education classes at Graceland, and fully believes in holistic student development. This term means helping students build transferrable writing and communication knowledge and skills that they apply to various contexts, helping them build positive dispositions about their intelligence, skills, and writing/speaking abilities, such as helping them develop a growth mindset, and creating opportunities in the classroom and beyond where they discover what ideas and aspects of life are most meaningful to them.

Roger’s research primarily focuses on the following areas: writing centers, composition, responding to student writing, writerly dispositions, writing transfer, writing and retention, and creative writing. His solo and co-authored articles have appeared in The Journal of Response to Writing, Writing Spaces, Composition Forum, Praxis: A Writing Center Journal, The Peer Review, and the Writing Lab Newsletter: Digital Edited Collection. He is also currently working on a novel and has published poetry in the past.

When I am not teaching, researching, writing, or engaging in professional activities, I am avidly following Kansas City Chiefs football, spending time with my wonderful wife (Dr. Meghan Hurley Powell), family, and friends, going hiking/backpacking, or playing video games.