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The Power of Together

For over two decades, Graceland University and SkillPath have been striving to provide learning opportunities for individuals from the traditional classroom to the boardroom.

Graceland and SkillPath’s relationship has always been about providing the best learning and training opportunities for students who want to change the world. 

Together, Graceland and SkillPath are committed to making the world a better place through education and understanding. By providing education and training to their students, young and old, Graceland and SkillPath have led the way in providing unique and truly comprehensive learning environments.

Additionally, Graceland offers a fully online business administration or organizational leadership degree that can give employees the opportunity to complete their degree or get the degree they have always sought to help them advance their career. Graceland’s unique approach allows students to receive experiential credit based on their work experience that can enable them to start the program with credit hours for some prerequisite classes.

SkillPath is headquartered in Mission, Kan., and has been a leader in learning and development since 1989, providing professionals worldwide with strategic and innovative training solutions, including online through its innovative STAR12 platform. In 1995, Graceland University purchased SkillPath and formed the Graceland Center For Professional Development and Lifelong Learning, Inc.

Graceland’s values of learning, wholeness, and community exhibit themselves through traditional graduate and undergraduate classes in Graceland’s higher education setting, as well as through top-of-the-line business seminars and training. Graceland and SkillPath both aim to prepare their students to change the world in whatever their field.

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Since 1995, SkillPath has supported scholarships for Graceland students as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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About SkillPath

A leader in learning and development since 1989, SkillPath provides professionals worldwide with strategic and innovative training solutions.

Their mission is to provide the highest-quality training for companies and businesspeople around the world, so they can benefit personally and professionally from the experience.

SkillPath By the Numbers



Individuals trust SkillPath for their training needs



Live virtual events each month



Branches of the U.S. Armed Forces are SkillPath clients



Inspiring, energetic, expert trainers and professional facilitators



Training sessions led every year

On Demand


Fast-paced, 60-minute webinars every year

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Benefits for Graceland Alumni

Graceland alumni have the ability to take one SkillPath course every year for free.